A Guide to Advancements in Stethoscope Technology

Stethoscopes are very important especially for those who work in the medical field. When it was first invented it was a simple piece of equipment but through the years, there were a lot of modifications seen on their design and many features added to the basic ones. If you have seen some of the high end stethoscopes of today you will see how these instruments have come a long way. There are many improvements made through technology and several different types of stethoscopes have come about, as you could confirm if you are reading reviews like http://beststethoscopeguide.com/stethoscope-reviews .

Today, it is impossible for a medical practitioner to be without a stethoscope hanging from his neck. Although all doctors use stethoscope we have to remember that the types that they use are not all the same. There are a lot of different types and forms of stethoscopes. There are many uses for stethoscopes too. There are several factors to consider determining the right stethoscope for a medical practitioner to use. Below are some of these factors.

The acoustic stethoscope is very popular and the most commonly used in medical facilities at present. It is made up of a standard chest piece, hollow rubber tubes and a pair of ear pieces. This is the most basic type of stethoscope used for the more basic functions. There is, however, one disadvantage to this acoustic type stethoscope. This stethoscope is not able to capture faint sounds. When the place is noisy the medical practitioner may have a hard time hearing the sound because of the noisy background.

The electronic stethoscope is relatively new in the scene. This is a very sophisticate type of stethoscope. The acoustic waves that the stethoscope captures are converted into electronic signals. These electronic signals can be amplified so that the sounds can be made more audible. It can be used even in a noisy environment which is more advantageous than the traditional acoustic style.

A fetal stethoscope is something used to examine pregnant women. This is a specially shaped stethoscope which is designed to hear the heartbeat of the fetus inside the woman's womb. This stethoscope is also sometimes called the fetoscope or pinards.

The cardiology stethoscope is something used by specialists and cardiologists. It is an advanced kind of stethoscope because it is used to listen to the heart beat of people who have heart problems. It is used by cardiologists for this purpose. The doctor can determine from the sounds whether the patient has irregular heartbeat, heart murmurs or heart abnormalities.

There are also recordable stethoscope which is also a very advanced type one. This technology works with the patient's interest in mind. This type of stethoscope can be connected to a laptop, tablet, or any recording device. The benefit of this is that the sound can be recorded and played back later. This is very useful if the case needs further evaluation or consultation required by medical experts.Read guides such as from http://beststethoscopeguide.com/stethoscope-guides to obtain other helpful information on stethoscopes.

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